Alternatives to the Traditional Ring Bearer Pillow

I love the idea of a modern twist on an old wedding tradition. It is in those small details that really give your wedding something extra. There are the big things: the dress, the food, the music...but what about the smaller elements? The guest book, the boutonnieres and corsages, or the ring bearer pillow? Through these different outlets, you have the opportunity to convey who you are as a couple, as well as give your special day that personal touch. I have done some research and these are my top picks for alternative ring bearer pillows. Enjoy!


Ring Bearer Scallop Shells Or Nautilus Shells

For a beach wedding or a nautical theme, how cute are these little shells made by Shore Chic?! They can be designed using finger, knobby or sugar starfish or sand dollars, because each is made to order. There are long satin and organza ribbons to tie on your wedding rings and each scallop is nice and deep to hold them in place.


To Have & To Hold Ring Bearer Bowl

Each of these pieces are all custom made by Paloma's Nest is Austin, Texas. This small ceramic dish has two little holes near the top rim, through which they lace a silky cotton cord to hold your rings for your wedding ceremony. This cord can be easily switched out for a ribbon that matches your wedding style, if you wish.


Bird's Nest

For an outdoor farm wedding, or even an adorable garden wedding, this bird's nest ring holder could be the perfect compliment! The Papery Nook specializes in handcrafted unique paper goods, rustic event favors, and personalized gifts. If you would like to purchase this custom bird's nest, you can do so through her Etsy shop!


A Special Book or Bible

Books are a great way to personalize your wedding with something you have in common with your fiance. Find or borrow an old Bible or book on love and wrap it with a ribbon and wal-ah! Instant alternative ring bearer pillow!


DIY Personalized Wooden Ring Bearer Box

And for those crafty brides, a special way to cherish those rings during and after the wedding - a personalized wooden box! Thank you to the Knotty Bride for a comprehensive tutorial on this great DIY project!


Pocket Watch Ring Box

I mean, doesn't the name say it all?! Turn an old, broken pocket watch into a sure-to-be-treasured keepsake! By removing the face and workings of the clock, you will have an opening deep enough to hold your rings. To line the inside, start by cutting a piece of cardboard into the size and shape of the base of the watch. Then, use a swatch of velvet, or fabric of choice, and glue it to the top of the cardboard and fold around the edges securing the back with glue as well. Insert your "pillow top" and you have your own unique pocket watch ring box! Thanks to Martha Stewart for the inspiration on this one.