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Charlotte Wedding Winter 2014

Stoked to have our latest work published in Charlotte Wedding, the 2014 Winter Issue! My dear friend and photographer, Crystal Stokes was honored with the cover image of the magazine - I mean, really?! I guess that is how you can't take anything for granted - even if it is rain on your wedding day. I mean, I would totally ask for rain if I knew I would get a shot like this out of it!

Whitney Alyssa accessories were sprinkled throughout the issue. Here are the highlights!

*Four of our newly designed belts were featured on the "details" page in the very front of the magazine.

*One of the new vintage necklaces was used to create a modern look in this styled shoot.

*And then we were shocked and honored to receive the "Best of Weddings" award for accessories!

So grateful to be a included in this group of such wonderful vendors in the Charlotte industry!

Charlotte Wedding Winter 2014.jpeg
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