Ellie Forrester: Celebrating a Century

Hello! It is a special day on the blog, celebrating the 100th birthday of my great grandmother! Can you imagine the things she has seen over years? The technology, inventions, and the tragedies...she is the strongest woman I have ever met and somehow still holds her sense of humor.

To honor this huge achievement, we wanted to be creative in the theme and decorating at the party. So, we set up ten tables, one for each decade, and set up items that represented the milestones that came from those times. It was so cool to see her walking around, looking at the past and smiling. We also included photos of her life events - graduating high school, getting married, having children, even her retirement! Here are some of my favorite shots and some images showcasing the tables!

This is a poem that embodies the attitude of my great grandmother:

One hundred years old what can you say, thirty six thousands five hundred days. Why I lived so long God only knows, for He's the one that made me so very long ago. From horse and buggy to motor cars, to erupting volcanoes, to shooting stars. I replay my memories of places I've been, like a book so good you read once again. One hundred winters one hundred springs, I've seen a lot of everything. But if you think for a minute that I might be done, come visit me when I'm a hundred and one. Maria Del Rio

Happy 100th Birthday Ellie!


A Few of the Table Decorations


1920s Table


Mama Taking a Look at the Tables :)


Five Generations


The WHOLE Family :)