The Collection

The art of beading flowers using wire and delicate beads is one which is thought to date back as far as the 15th century, specifically to Venice where skilled craftsmen produced glass beads in quantity. It is thought Venetian women of more limited means would craft these beads into wire and bead flower sculptures, bouquets, wreaths, table arrangements and other floral works of art to make their living.

Later in the 1800's this craft became highly popular in France where these beaded flower arrangements were said to be used to decorate tombstones and gravesites. The Victorian era then brought ladies of leisure from Europe to the craft of beading wire flowers where they were used for everything from personal adornment in the form of brooches, hat-pins etc. to home decoration.

A few techniques are used to create these flowers. The number of beads per petal, the number of petals, and the way those petals are shaped -- rolling, bending, or cupping -- will be different for each flower. We use 11/0 round seed beads, two-cut or three-cut faceted beads, and 28-gauge galvanized wire. All hair accessories are attached to bobby pins or wire hair combs. The hair combs are nickel-plated with 1.5 inch teeth and come in multiple widths.

Our philosophy is all about customer choice and individuality. How often have you found the perfect piece of jewelry or item for your home and wished it came in a different color? Or perhaps you have an idea in mind, but cannot find it anywhere. Every item sold by Whitney Alyssa is handcrafted to meet your exact needs. Each item is designed by Whitney herself, made from hundreds of tiny, glittering beads of colored glass. These special flowers will last a lifetime, if not centuries.